Mo’ features, mo’ problems.

April 17, 2009

Ah, the glory of Spring in the suburbs has returned. The grounds are perfectly manicured (thanks to the landscapers starting up with the weedwhackers at 9am), the warm breezes are flowing (and carrying the sounds of screaming children), and the birds are singing (or honking and uncontrollably crapping everywhere, in the case of the gaggle of Canadian geese who live behind my building).  It is a magical time indeed. 

All this fresh air and sunshine has inspired me to shut myself into the apartment and stare at my computer some more. Really though, the whole springtime vibe of rebirth and renewal has me motivated to fix my drab  and nearly picture-free website. One of the things I have been wanting to do for a long time is add a blog. While there are some pretty clear benefits to associating a blog with a website, the one that made me finally do it was the lack of people to babble at about the artsy crap that only I seem to find interesting. Friends, you have been absolved of smile-and-nod duty.  Readers,  bring your sense of humor and salt lick. 

I already have a personal blog that has been (more or less) kept for the past seven years, a facebook page which I won’t touch because my mother uses the site, a pretty shameful and neglected Myspace page, and profiles on at least five other social networking sites that have fallen into the oubliette of my extremely selective memory.  Will the wordpress blog sink or float? Only time will tell.


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