Etsy update

October 29, 2009

6g and 4g hand-finished satin sheen  wireThis thing with Origami Jen is working out pretty well; I totally recommend the buddy system to anyone procrastinating with home business projects. There is a constant “get crap done so I don’t look like the lazy one” urgency that is managing to keep me afloat.

Moving on… today is our first formal Etsy listing day. Yes, we have a schedule… what about it?

I started off with some of the satin finish wire I’ve been making/using.  I’m normally a steel/silver girl when it comes to personal pieces, but I stumbled upon some info about the chemistry and medical benefits of copper recently, and decided to wear a few pieces to see if I noticed a difference.

8 rings and 4 bangles that could double as shackles later,  I can testify that my hands don’t get nearly as fatigued when working for long periods.  My mouth tastes like I’ve been sucking on a penny… or my entire swear jar… but the hands are good. Maybe I can ditch a few rings and be able to taste food again.

To read more about benefits of copper and find out why/how it turns skin green, check out any of the wire listings.

EDIT: There was supposed to be a mini gallery here, but WordPress won’t allow the code. Just one more (lack of a) feature that is making me want to transfer the blog to another host.


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