About the hiatus…

November 21, 2009

It was involuntary. Well, everything is voluntary, but this one was in the name of neighborly relations. It seems that the neighbors on the 3rd floor hear like bats, and took issue with my nocturnal schedule. The situation had me in a knot and kinda paranoid about walking around my own apartment for about a week, but I’ve resolved to simply go all crazy white girl on whom ever  kvetches about my schlepping to the kitchen between 10pm and 6am.

As of yesterday, I am armed with Concerta for that pesky issue of  losing things in plain view. I’d  finish a link and spend hours looking for the rest of the chain which was usually within a few inches of me. Same with tools, beads, pieces of wire, people, Monkey, and in another regard, tasks. It was frickin’ awful and getting worse. The first dose resulted in the most productive night in a long time. Despite my aversion to meds that interfere with natural function, it seemed necessary this time.

I used to contend that people are a certain way for a reason, even if they don’t know what it is; that chemical imbalances, raging bipolarity, and a melange of diagnoses that haven’t been entered into my file yet are all part of what fuels creativity, innovation, and the ability/willingness to think “outside the box”. But dammit… I need to be able to find my pliers, and if it takes medication to do that, then so be it.


One Response to “About the hiatus…”

  1. Thats crazy…and funny…about your neighbors making you feel like you can be active in your own pat whenever.

    As for not finding things right in front of you. I do it also so dont feel to bad. Your not alone! 🙂

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