Review: Darice’s Paper Grommet Kit

January 14, 2010

This thing came into my life at just the right time. How often do we buy iffy stuff and get to use it the same day? Papercraft isn’t my thing, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting bits of pretty papers, punches, and the like. Buying this set ($6 with the weekly coupon at JoAnn) was more of an attempt to satisfy curiosity than anything else.

As soon as I got home with it, and Etsy sale had gone through and I had the perfect reason to try it out;  I tie a business card and a thank you/reciept card to every jewelry box with a piece of ribbon.  Sometimes my kung-fu grip pulls the ribbon a little too tight and the cards rip… what about a grommet to hold the cards together and… oh my lawdy loo! Its amazing. it really is.

The pics suck today, as they were taken pre-coffee.

The grommet tool is about the size of a pencil and comes with approximately one bazillion tiny 2-piece grommets in 5 colors/assortments.

Here is how it looks on my cards

This instant success with a tool I was sure would invoke my deepest darkest spazziness spurred me to start grommeting my paper scraps. Oh man… gift tags. I just made gift tags. Whoa.

Cardboard, scrap paper, metal sheet, nothing has been safe since I got this tool. So now I’m cankle-deep in frickin’ gift tags, and without gifts to put them on. Etsy seems to have a ton of them listed, but papercraft isn’t something I want to break in to. Jewelry can be fixed if anything happens between listing and shipping, but paper is schmutz-prone and well… I blame the cat.


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