Powwow with my chick

April 23, 2009

Last weekend I schlepped up to Delaware to hang out with my friend, booth-mate, and travel companion  Maria. For almost as long as I have been doing cons, I have been doing them with this chick (whom I affectionately refer to as “Blondie”).  Its hard to find someone you make a good team with, especially by chance. We met years ago over a White Russian and a wall… the rest is history.

So,  not being able to space out via emails, we were able to assess the horror con situation for the late summer/fall. Horrorfind is returning to Hunt Valley (YES!!!) and offering a pretty sweet deal to vendors who stay at the hotel. We have the room booked (who in ther right mind would miss the return to HV?), but coming up with the table fee is gonna drive me batty. I love Horrorfind, but it comes dangerously close to Screamfest in Orlando, which Maria and I have sworn to never miss for any reason (24-hour jacuzzi…. yes please).  Its a lot of overhead to come up with in a very short time. 

The larger issue here is the gamble. These shows are murder on people like me, who undercharge and don’t do enough shows to make up for a bad one. If the dealers’ room is slow, I’m screwed. Our first year in Orlando was amazing. The second, with the housing crisis, local hiring freeze, and other economic mayhem that had people pinching their pennies, was awful. Not to say I didn’t have fun, because I did, but it bears mentioning that the trip home did not include a stop at South of the Border for anything besides cheap gas. 

Hopefully I will end up at both of these shows as a vendor and not just a con dork. Getting the site redone and a better portfolio up will probably help… not to mention putting more than one thing in the Etsy store. :p