When I was your age, “emo” wasn’t an available condition. We had goth, freak, and several flavors of depression to choose from. Life was hard, and we liked it, dagnabbit.

As a veteran of Special Ed, I feel entitled to certain jokes that others would be deemed assholes for laughing at… nevermind telling.  I’ll snicker at the short bus, roll my eyes at a smelly awkward kid with weird habits, and make jewelry mocking teenagers who scar up their bodies trying to get love. Yeah, I said it. I lol at cutters. Of course its a sad and horrible thing to feel so alone and inwardly distraught that one maims the only body they’ll ever know. Of course these people deserve love like everyone else. Of course I have to take a fashionable jab at the shitstorm the school system threw me into.

Seriously… the only way to deal with riding the short bus to school, dodging flying desks all day, and being surrounded by behaviorally challenged kids is to develop a sense of humor about it. Survival, folks. survival.

So here is my little ode to all the kids who felt their bodies weren’t worth leaving intact.  I hope they found what they were looking for.  Click for the listing and more pics.


Cold Hard truth

November 28, 2009

How many people do you know who think the world is out to get them, or that bad stuff always happens to them just because? Bad relationships, constantly  losing jobs or friends, you know the type.  Everyone has at least one friend like that.

I had a friend like this for many years, and never really understood how they could keep drawing from this seemingly bottomless well of blame without ever accepting responsibility for anything that went awry.  This piece was made as a reminder to myself to avoid such a life by maintaining realistic perspectives.

The sentiment has become an important part of my growth as a person and an artist, and the time has come to pass along the wisdom to someone who can benefit from it.

Yeah, you heard me.

Tell your favorite fellatrix how special they are this holiday season with a piece that definitely makes a statement.

Click image for listing

WTF is an “underlight”? This, apparently.  Naming this one was a challenge, as several hours were spent trying to mesh the colors and coil pattern into a clever title.  Looking at the pictures, I was thrilled to see that my favorite aspect of the beads showed up; the soft green glow that made me buy them in the first place was in full effect.  Underlight is one of those pieces I’d keep if the cat didn’t need to eat.


Etsy update

October 29, 2009

6g and 4g hand-finished satin sheen  wireThis thing with Origami Jen is working out pretty well; I totally recommend the buddy system to anyone procrastinating with home business projects. There is a constant “get crap done so I don’t look like the lazy one” urgency that is managing to keep me afloat.

Moving on… today is our first formal Etsy listing day. Yes, we have a schedule… what about it?

I started off with some of the satin finish wire I’ve been making/using.  I’m normally a steel/silver girl when it comes to personal pieces, but I stumbled upon some info about the chemistry and medical benefits of copper recently, and decided to wear a few pieces to see if I noticed a difference.

8 rings and 4 bangles that could double as shackles later,  I can testify that my hands don’t get nearly as fatigued when working for long periods.  My mouth tastes like I’ve been sucking on a penny… or my entire swear jar… but the hands are good. Maybe I can ditch a few rings and be able to taste food again.

To read more about benefits of copper and find out why/how it turns skin green, check out any of the wire listings.

EDIT: There was supposed to be a mini gallery here, but WordPress won’t allow the code. Just one more (lack of a) feature that is making me want to transfer the blog to another host.