Symmetry crisis

November 7, 2009

Labradorite is one of those stones with almost too much personality to put in a setting; unfortunately thats  the destiny of this week’s shipment.

This gorgeous pear-shaped cabochon had an unusual deep indigo spot that I became obsessed with framing in silver. After a quick wire wrap job, I noticed some scratches in the wire left by my pliers. I spun a coil around the scratched spot and scorned myself for how stupid it looked.  This is where the project began its descent.

After a few hours of poking and shifting the ever-increasing pile of corrective coils and spirals, I was satisfied. I held up the finished piece that had grown from a pendant to a something of a tentacle monster having it’s hentai-like way with a neck wire. Holding  it backwards and upside down to check symmetry before photos, the beast showed itself. The pendant itself was asymmetrical… at the base. This wire-devouring monster had been built around a  fucked up base… like a strip mall being built on a sinkhole.

I worked to fix the structural hiccup for several hours, and then the focal stone broke. Stunned only temporarily by the overwhelming amount of fail, a swearing fit ensued and I went to bed.

Now I can’t find another cab that will match.

The fail tag has been earned.