This thing came into my life at just the right time. How often do we buy iffy stuff and get to use it the same day? Papercraft isn’t my thing, but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting bits of pretty papers, punches, and the like. Buying this set ($6 with the weekly coupon at JoAnn) was more of an attempt to satisfy curiosity than anything else.

As soon as I got home with it, and Etsy sale had gone through and I had the perfect reason to try it out;  I tie a business card and a thank you/reciept card to every jewelry box with a piece of ribbon.  Sometimes my kung-fu grip pulls the ribbon a little too tight and the cards rip… what about a grommet to hold the cards together and… oh my lawdy loo! Its amazing. it really is.

The pics suck today, as they were taken pre-coffee.

The grommet tool is about the size of a pencil and comes with approximately one bazillion tiny 2-piece grommets in 5 colors/assortments.

Here is how it looks on my cards

This instant success with a tool I was sure would invoke my deepest darkest spazziness spurred me to start grommeting my paper scraps. Oh man… gift tags. I just made gift tags. Whoa.

Cardboard, scrap paper, metal sheet, nothing has been safe since I got this tool. So now I’m cankle-deep in frickin’ gift tags, and without gifts to put them on. Etsy seems to have a ton of them listed, but papercraft isn’t something I want to break in to. Jewelry can be fixed if anything happens between listing and shipping, but paper is schmutz-prone and well… I blame the cat.


Craft Swap!

January 6, 2010

…and social media overload! MAN this stuff is hard to stay on top of. I’ve been working on my consulting business non-stop for the past couple of weeks; getting independent artists started with all the cool(cheap/free) tools and resources I’ve discovered over the years in tandem with my marketing coach savvy is my new day job. Pretty sweet, yes?

I’ll get more into the consulting thing later, but right now I want to t talk about my craft swap booty. No, not OrigamiZen Jen’s eye-talian booty, but the booty she shipped all the way from the exotic reaches of Des Moines… a place that many shamefully admit to visualizing as a giant ear of corn with people living around it.  This last craft swap package changed my life. No, really. It contained something called bacon salt, and I swear this is the spice that Dune was talking about. If you happen to be a Facebook buddy, my assertions of bacon salt making everything better are no mystery. Hell, it could be the new ‘tussin(#3)!

On to the actual crafty stuff… she made these super-cute 1″x1″ tiles with ceramic and origami paper that solved my biggest problem with scrabble tile pendants. Wood jewelry and I don’t get along so well… it usually looks like it went into battle with a garbage disposal by the end of the first wearing, so Jen’s tiles were perfect; I added some of my handmade spiral bails and made a bunch of pendants for friends.

Someday I’ll get this background/lighting thing right… an Ottlite is definitely on the wish list.

I’m not sure if these sweet tiles are for sale yet, but check out her store for some very cool (and almost bulletproof) origami pieces.

Another treasure from the last package were these impossibly cute black sakura hair pins. Cute isn’t usually my thing, but I absolutely love the way these look tucked in to my luxurious, upswept jewfro.

A wonderful dude brought me this sweet little gadget for keeping photos of my work handy! How crafty is that?

Shift3 Digital Photo Keychain

Surprisingly, it is not packed with photos of my cat. Yet. It automatically compresses pictures to fit on the 1″x1″ screen, and is super easy to use in terms of software. The transition effects between pictures are kinda cute when you aren’t in a hurry to find a picture.


My only kvetch is the brightness of the display. You might want to and just brightness of you pics before uploading, as well as reshape the original image into a square to avoid the program’s area selector cropping stuff out.

This definitely gets a thumbs up as a gift idea for any crafty person you know, and can be found most places for under 20 bucks.